Custom Surfboards

by Action Surf Shop

Looking for that unique surfboard that says "You" but simply cannot find it anywhere? At Action Surf Shop, we build and customize your board the way you want it. Whether you need a short or long board, we can help! Contact us today for more information or browse all of our surfboards below.
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2 Barrel

The 2 Barrel was made to bridge the gap between your high performance shortboard and your small-wave board. It is surfed by most of our team riders, being versatile in all East Coast conditions. Its low entry rocker and forward volume allows for extra paddle power. The 2 Barrel works well with Channels and Step Channel bottoms.

4 Barrel

The 4 Barrel has a fuller outline with a full nose, a single concave from nose to tail, and a lower entry rocker. It has a moderate tail rocker and a thin, sensitive tail. The 4 Barrel is also shaped with a 5-fin option. When ridden as a quad, the best tail shapes are a swallow tail or a rounded pintail. When ridden as a thruster, a squash tail works best in small conditions. Regardless of the setup you choose, the 4 Barrel is designed to be ridden 1” to 3” shorter than the traditional shortboard.

The Cartel

The Cartel is a high performance shortboard in which the wide point is forward for performance in good surf. Its single concave fades to flat out of the tail. This model can be used as a step up. The Cartel comes with a thumb tail.


The Fire-Breather’s plain shape revolutionized high performance surfing in small waves. This model has a shorter rail line, two stage rocker, and double concave starting in the front of the fins, which allow for rail-to-rail quickness with some hip providing a pivot point for tight turns.

FLG Twin +1

The FLG Twin + 1 (A.K.A. the Fast Loose Groveler Twin + 1) is built for everyday East Coast surf. With its full outline and swallow tail for hold, this board holds plenty of float. It has a lower rocker and a flip tip nose which leads into a double concave with vee off the back, allowing the board to skim over flat sections with speed. The FLG Twin + 1 works best with two large twin fins, but a third nub fin can be incorporated. Feedback on this model has been very positive, and this board can make grovel surfing fun again.

Hydra Ninja

The Hydra Ninja is our performance twin fin with a performance shortboard outline. Its design has a medium nose rocker entry with a continuous tail rocker and single concave to a late vee off the tail. This model only comes with futures or glass ons and only with our fin template.

Mr. Wilson 2.2

The Mr. Wilson 2.2 has a higher entry rocker and an accelerated tail rocker combined with a harder edge above the fins and a single concave with a hidden double concave. This board surfs best in good waves and is recommended for intermediate to experienced surfers.


The PMD (A.K.A. the PhatMean-D) is the best small-wave board for all-around East Coast conditions. It rides best as a quad, but on a bigger surf day it can be ridden as a thruster. With a full round nose and a medium tail, this board can fly on weak, gutless surf. It features a light single concave and a low tail rocker. The PMD should be ridden 1” to 4” shorter than the traditional shortboard and should be 20” to 23” wide depending on the board’s length and the surfer’s size.

Water Proof

The Water Proof is designed for the everyday conditions we are all accustomed to. With a wider tail and fuller rails, this model is more forgiving in poor conditions while maintaining its versatility in above average conditions. The Water Proof is for surfers looking for a board which will work in all conditions.
Action Surf Shop - Waterbug Surfboard


The Waterbug (A.K.A. the Twin Fin) has been around since 1980. Webb never quit riding it, continually making tweaks through the years. This twin needs to be ridden with our fin template. Double, single, and no wing swallow tail work best. The Waterbug’s double concave with a vee on the last 6” give it plenty of power. This board is designed to be ridden in 1’ to 4’ surf.

Whip It

The Whip It is a high performance shortboard with a medium nose rocker and an accelerated performance tail rocker to help fit in the pocket. Its boxy rails combined with a deep single concave provide plenty of speed. This board is designed for experienced surfers and good waves.


Beach Break

The Beach Break is one of our performance funboard shapes. It has a flatter entry rocker with a fuller nose outline and an accelerated tail rocker, allowing for improved paddle power, drive, and control in all the right places. It works well with either a thruster or quad fin setup. This wave weapon will have you flying at your local break.


The Bomber is a performance model longboard that has both paddling power and nose riding capabilities. Its rocker and rails are built for speed. Its light concave nose makes this board paddle with maximum glide to catch every wave. It also creates trim speed and lift down the line, beating sections with ease. The Bomber’s rails are hard down in the tail and soften as they go forward, allowing this board to turn incredibly well while also being forgiving. The outline and foil holds in the pocket. The best part is that the Bomber comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 7’ all the way up to 9’6”.


The BP (A.K.A. the Buddy Pelletier) is a classic board based off the last board built for Buddy Pelletier. Offered 8’6” to 9’6”, this board is legendary magic.

Classic Gold

This log is a flashback to the 60’s style of longboards with its flat rocker. However, its light concave nose and flat bottom which rolls off the rail provide proper modern updates. The rails are 50/50 and thin for sensitivity. This board can be shaped with a square or round tail and comes with a single fin box. For an extra fee, your Classic Gold can be customized with any classic look — such as tints, cloth inlays, airbrushing, stringer combinations, or nose and tail blocks. What size do you want?

Da Button

Da Button is a take off of Ben Aipa’s 70’s Stinger design. With its flat rocker bottom and light vee off the tail, this board will glide through all conditions. It has a full cheater five, round nose, egg rails, and a single box for an easy ride. The wing acts as a pivot point with a hard tail rail for release, and it is also equipped with side fin boxes for some twin fin action. Da Button is offered 7’ to 8’ in length.

Fish Head

The Fish Head has a shape just how a fish should: short, wide, and flat rockered. It has a flat deck and hard down rails with a wide swallow for hold. This fish flies over flat sections and works well in small, weak waves. The Fish Head provides speed and stylish turns. It comes as a twin fin.

The Funny Paper

The Funny Paper (i.e.The Buddy Board) has an almost symmetric outline, making it great for smooth, drawn out lines and turns. Its light vee bottom upholds amazing agility, guaranteeing relaxed and smooth surfing fun. This board was Buddy Peletier’s “go to” in 1’-2’ surf, and it is great on soft walled days. Advanced, beginners, and landlocked surfers love this board, because it offers easy wave catching and surfing without much effort. So, go enjoy some little waves.

The Glennon

The Glennon is our iconic fun mini log. Available 7’6” to 8’6”, it has a lightly-pulled-in nose and a pinner tail. This baby turns with a multi fin setup. Ridden as a twin, you can generate lots of speed. As a single, it’s still fast but has a high line glide. 2+1 is its standard multi work seahorse approach. The Glennon is great in any size surf.

Mini Roach

The Mini Roach is great for any level of surfing ability. It catches waves and turns easily, providing the most fun anyone can have. It works well all the way from 1’ to 8’ surf. It features a single concave bottom in the tail and only comes in a rounded pintail. The Mini Roach has 2+1 or tri fin setups available, and it is offered 6’ to 8’ in length.


The Roach is a full performance longboard designed to turn like a shortboard while still allowing the surfer to Hang Ten! The back half of the board has a deep single concave with shortboard rails and a hard edge to release water quickly. The front half of the board has a full nose with a very light concave to allow for nose riding with ease. This longboard is only shaped with a rounded pintail for more pivot action while turning on the wave. It is available in EPS/Epoxy, and it is offered 8’6” to 9’4” in length.

Dr. Roach

The Dr. Roach is a Hot Rod Log with a bull shark nose for easy nose riding. Its parallel outline allows for high speed trim, and the radical double wing square tail allows for tighter pivot turns and quick direction change. A very user friendly log, it is offered 9’ to 10’ in length.


The SuperFlow is an all-around longboard with a low nose rocker and an accelerated tail rocker for easy turning. It features shortboard rails in the tail with an edge and a softer 40/60 rail in the front two thirds for that 1960’s feel. It comes with a light concave nose and double concave in the tail. The SuperFlow has a 2+1 fin setup and is offered 9’ to 10’ in length.

Tippy Toe

The Tippy Toe is our ultimate retro-charged longboard. Designed for better surf at high speed, its continuous rocker allows for swooping turns on a dime if needed. The Tippy Toe’s rounder rails allow for forgiveness and great release. Available from 9’0” to 9’6”, the Tippy Toe comes with a 2+1 fin setup.