Meet our Boards




Classic Gold:

This board is a flashback to the 60’s style of longboards with its flat rocker, but also updated for today with a concave nose and flat bottom that rolls off the rail.  The rails are 50/50 and thin for sensitivity.  This board can be shaped with a square or round tail and comes with a single fin box.

For an extra fee, your Classic Gold can be customized with any classic look; such as, tints, cloth inlays, airbrushing, stringer combinations, or nose and tail blocks.  What size do you want?


Roach Model:

This full performance longboard is designed to turn like a shortboard, while still allowing the surfer to Hang Ten!  The back half of the board has a deep single concave with shortboard rails and a hard edge to release water quickly.  The front half of the board has a full nose with a very light concave to allow for nose riding with ease.  This longboard is only shaped with a rounded pintail for more pivot action while turning on the wave.





This board has a fuller outline with a full nose.  It has a single concave from nose to tail along with a lower entry rocker.  The 4Barrel has a moderate tail rocker and a thin sensitive tail.

When riding the 4Barrel as a quad, the best tail shapes are a swallow tail, a swallow tail-winged combination, or a rounded tail.  When riding as a thruster, a squash tail works best in small conditions.

The 4Barrel is also shaped with a 5-fin option.

Regardless of the setup you choose, the 4Barrel is designed to be ridden 1”-3” shorter than the traditional shortboard.


Mr. Wilson


A.K.A the PhatMean-D

The PMD is the best small wave board for all-around East Coast conditions.  It rides best as a quad, but on a bigger surf day it can be ridden as a thruster.  With a full round nose and medium tail, this board can fly on weak, gutless surf.  It features a light single concave and low tail rocker.

The PMD should be ridden 1”-4” shorter than the traditional shortboard and should be 20”-23” wide depending on the board’s length and the size of the surfer.



Whip It


Bomber SUP